New eBook: To Gate, or Not to Gate? That’s Not the Question.

by | Aug 16, 2022

To Gate, or Not to Gate? That’s Not the Question. explores the shifting focus of content marketing from solely education and demand generation to value creation. You’ll read firsthand insights and best practices from top B2B marketers who are experiencing huge success after shifting their approach to content marketing.

  • Learn frameworks for producing high-performing content at scale across the buyer journey
  • Find out which formats are most popular with B2B audiences – and most effective at different buyer stages
  • See how Indico Data increased sales opportunities by 10x with targeted content
  • Discover how Esquire Bank (NASDAQ: ESQ) generates 50% of its clients from hyper-personalized digital marketing initiatives

Read our new eBook now (and to answer your question… no, it’s not gated).

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Ted Kohnen

Chief Executive Officer

Named one of the ten most influential CEOs in 2021, and the recipient of multiple Agency-of the-Year recognitions, Ted is the CEO of global digital agency, Park & Battery. Over his career, Ted has been focused on helping hyper-growth start-ups and multi-national enterprises alike to activate their brands – telling their stories in meaningful and compelling ways to their most important audiences in order accelerate awareness, interest and action.

Michael Ruby

President, Chief Creative Officer

Named the 2021 Best in Biz Creative Executive of the Year and part of the 2018 DMN 40under40, Michael is the President and Chief Creative Officer of Park & Battery. In his role, he is the company’s head of global brand strategy, creative and content. Michael’s work has been recognized by The One Show, Webby Awards, Global ACE Awards, B2 Awards, Content Marketing Awards, numerous awards from The Drum, and his favorite: “Best use of the word ‘boo-yah’ in a b-to-b ad ever,” according to Ad Age.

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