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by | Sep 22, 2022

There’s no “I” in team – but now there is an “AI”

The so-called New Normal created by the pandemic is the Now Normal. Hybrid work is here to stay, and hybrid work…works! According to Accenture, using work from anywhere/hybrid workforce models are embraced by 63% of high-revenue growth companies.

But there’s a hitch (isn’t there always?). Working at a distance makes interpersonal connections, relationship building, and opportunities for feedback more difficult – and these soft skills can be challenging for many even in a live office environment. When teams are more remote and team members more autonomous, people need even more alignment on purpose, greater awareness of how they show up in situations, and empathy for others’ experiences. Consider these findings from recent Microsoft research:

  • Nearly half of employees who work remotely say they do not feel included in meetings
  • Only 27% of companies have created new hybrid meeting etiquette to ensure all feel included and engaged

High performance in hybrid work requires new tools and techniques. That’s why I’m so excited to share that Park & Battery has entered a strategic partnership with startup in which we will leverage their breakthrough conversational analytics technology to support both our internal communications and learning and development initiatives, as well as to powerfully enhance our qualitative research capabilities. At the same time, P&B will strategically consult on the brand and product.


Unlocking insights and performance with AI uses cutting-edge AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to analyze conversations in any audio or video recording, revealing insights into group and individual dynamics for any group discussion – meetings, classes, and more. The platform surfaces key insights into the interactions, topics, speech patterns, language choices, behaviors and participation levels of everyone involved, raising awareness of habits, strengths, weaknesses and potential biases. And it recommends additional training and content related to areas for improvement.

This is obviously an incredible tool for us as a work-from-anywhere company (currently with team members in five states and across the pond), giving us an objective lens through which to give people feedback about how they lead, how they participate, and how they need to grow in order to be successful contributors to their teams and organizations. At the same time, it can uncover blind spots and unconscious biases unlocking meeting equity and encouraging interaction with and participation from everyone.

We’re also using the platform to generate the same kinds of insights on key trends, team cohesion and messaging insights within qualitative research for our clients. From customer and stakeholder interviews to focus groups and team workshops to reviewing pre-recorded webinars and videos, gives us a powerful new way to accelerate discovery and reporting, validate strategic assumptions and surface other insights that may have otherwise eluded us.

“When we were presented with the platform, we were blown away by the possibilities for our clients and our people. We can’t wait to see how AI unlocks even greater levels of strategic insight, creativity, agency cohesiveness and team performance.”

About our partner, was founded by Jason Brooks, Evan Ellison and Keenan Hale, bringing together their collective experience in education, machine learning and team performance from their backgrounds at Harvard and Microsoft, on Capitol Hill, and competing as elite Division I athletes.  

The platform has been deployed across several use cases and industries, including training, human resourcs, sales, marketing, software development and content development. And it’s yielding impressive results. For one customer over a five-week period:

  • Ideas generated increased from 20/meeting to 44/meeting
  • Contributions from women and people of color increased 1600%
  • Meeting Satisfaction Rating improved by 50%

“We’re using incredibly powerful tools – that will change the course of human history – to usher in an era of civility, service, and culture. As we’re adapting to this new way of being, we want to bring out the best in human culture; that special way of being that transcends time zone, that transcends language, that transcends political belief…that’s something that we’re really really excited about…and if that could be a small part of my legacy I’d be very, very happy,” said Jason Brooks.

Working with like-minded, big-hearted people is core to our philosophy at Park & Battery. We couldn’t be prouder to be teamed up with as we grow our organizations and capabilities together.

Michael Ruby

President, Chief Creative Officer

Named the 2021 Best in Biz Creative Executive of the Year and part of the 2018 DMN 40under40, Michael is the President and Chief Creative Officer of Park & Battery. In his role, he is the company’s head of global brand strategy, creative and content. Michael’s work has been recognized by The One Show, Webby Awards, Global ACE Awards, B2 Awards, Content Marketing Awards, numerous awards from The Drum, and his favorite: “Best use of the word ‘boo-yah’ in a b-to-b ad ever,” according to Ad Age.

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